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Take my virginity

""Books" is NOT specific."

My throat hurts with all the yelling, then I see two more vines emerge, but they look different from the others. The tips are wider then the rest of the vine, and are a deeper green, and I see slits at the top. One slithers onto virginnity ground coming toward me, I try to struggle, but his other vines tighten as he glowers at me.

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Snivy smiles at me and I realize. the Sporesthey aren't out of my systemand by the look of it, its never going to happen. I put him down virgihity we leave the Lab, my mind screaming to take the little fucker and drop him to the bottom of the sea.

Snivy's smile grows bigger as he walks by my side back home. In my room, he closes the door and faces me, I see his cock lengthening again, and the penis shaped vines coming from his back.

Mom, Daddyhelp!' I scream as my body goes and takes him into my mouth and the vines enter my pussy and ass. The last thing I see is Snivy smiling maniacally at me as my consciousness fades away, giving way to the spore induced haze.

I hope you enjoyed, rate and comment. This is my first Pokemon fic, but I think I'll right more, maybe something virgnity vanilla like though.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑
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Thanks for proving you lack the ability to support your own claims. Thanks for proving you have no numbers and you were just trying to blow smoke. Frankly, I suspect you even lied about your cousin. Regardless, thanks for proving you lack the intellect necessary to answer a simple "Y/N question.
Akirn | 09.06.2018
Umm, Orthodox also have the other books... You know, since the Fourth Century.
Take my virginity
Take my virginity
Take my virginity

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