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Thursday night the three of us

"wheel is too smart not to spell his name correctly... mum would check his work and send him to his room."

We were up in my room, arguing over whether my Snivy would beat his when we heard our moms talking about something in the kitchen and we decided to sneak down and eavesdrop.

"They said that Snivy went crazy, as soon as he was released from his pokeball, he ripped the shirt and bra off the closest female assistant, pinned her down with is vines and was about to violate her ux one of the others threw his ball at him, it missed of course and he just ran out nihht to Route 1.

They haven't been able to find him since.

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" I say happily, smiling at them and extending my arms and picking up Snivy and cuddling him to my chest.

I wantwhat do I want. Snivy smiles at me and I realize. the Sporesthey aren't out of my systemand by the look of it, its never going to happen. I put him down as we leave the Lab, my mind screaming to take the little fucker and drop him to the bottom of the sea.

Snivy's smile grows bigger as he walks by my side back home. In my room, he closes the door and faces me, I see his cock lengthening again, and the penis shaped vines coming from his back.

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Look, save your "old man" and "blood pressure" BS for your "old man".
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Indeed, why would you want to remain a member of or join a family that opposes and condemns how you live your life.
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"Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'"
Thursday night the three of us

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