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Hustler of the 602 585

"I got my definition from the dictionary, obviously. You are correct"

I've done this multiple times, so when I get my Snivy, I will know where to go to train. Mom, I got up to go to school when Bryce, I'll see you when I get back. -Love Amy I left the note on the fridge, grabbed my pack and left.

Its dark, but the sun is slowly starting to rise.

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First, I think it's the Deerlings passing through, but as it gets closer I start to get a little nervous and start to walk faster. The noises get closer, close enough to were it feels as if something is breathing down my neck.

I break into a run, trying to get to Route 1 again. I feel something brush against my calves but I keep going. Branches are catching my coat and slowing me down, and what I feel touching my legs seems to be doing it firmer and firmer, actually wrapping around me, but I break out of it. Finally I breath a sigh of relief as I get out of the trees.

I'm breathing heavily and sweat is pouring down my back.

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Mezilmaran | 16.03.2018
Thanks... It fits the way I feel around angry people, lol!
Guzil | 22.03.2018
Besides the fact there isn't any demonstrable natural mechanism that can create an enclosed complex information systems with over a thousand molecular machines that follow design engineering principles, the half-life of the RNA chemical building blocks are ridiculously short. The only rational mechanism is an intelligent mind
Melkis | 25.03.2018
If you want someone to understand you, you need to rework your writing. This is un-parseable.
Mazull | 03.04.2018
Yes, I know it's not "tied to ones bills". I was pointing out if they find they need assistance it isn't Amazon's fault.
Doujar | 13.04.2018
Science is *always* changing, Mark. To deny even the *possibility* of an infinite universe is like saying that you have nothing more to learn...
Mikajas | 16.04.2018
I love cats <3
Taugor | 24.04.2018
I am honored
Gror | 02.05.2018
Exactly. The Force is weak with this one...
Mazur | 03.05.2018
So, what you're saying is that Ham would accept evidence that would lead him to no longer believe....?
Hustler of the 602 585
Hustler of the 602 585
Hustler of the 602 585

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