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Naughtyfiles mother Zoe

"Water comes before earth in Genesis. Genesis has birds created before land animals when they evolved from dinosaurs. Man is an animal, a mammal and evolved along side all other life forms."

I start to struggle, trying to scream around my gag. "Sniv" He murmurs Naughtyfilds his stroking goes faster, another vine emerges and starts ripping off my clothes, in seconds he has me completely naked, the vine in my mouth loosens and ties my hands above my head, while the one that stripped me takes me other leg and stretches it out revealing my pussy to him.

"Get off me.

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Branches are catching my coat and slowing me down, and what I feel touching my legs seems to be doing it firmer and firmer, actually wrapping around me, but I break out of it. Finally I breath a sigh of relief as I get out of the trees. I'm breathing heavily and sweat is pouring down my back.

I feel the adrenaline pulsing through me. I look back and see nothing, light is starting to stream through the trees and everything is peaceful.

I laugh at my own paranoia, I haven't done that in years. I've walked confidently through there for awhile now and I can't help but wonder what got to me.

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Nikogor | 12.04.2018
The commandments are given to protect us and prosper us, not to dominate us. Big difference.
Fegal | 19.04.2018
Say you love me and all will be forgiven. I won?t feel so used.??????
Mazujora | 21.04.2018
You first. ROFL!!!
Yoshakar | 01.05.2018
Then why debate? You obviously have an inkling somewhere helmet. The guy in the jungle knows things seem to suggest its a creative space we live in. It takes rejecting of this circumstantial evidence all while accepting of some other circumstantial evidence saying something else. But it was there at one time.
Vumuro | 04.05.2018
IF our immigration laws had been enforced, Mollie would still be alive.
Tygokree | 08.05.2018
I said they are official records and statements.. try again.
Dam | 10.05.2018
Yeah, she'll do. Gift wrap her and send Fedex! ??
Tashicage | 15.05.2018
You don't even know what the word fact means..
Zulrajas | 16.05.2018
no I do not
Naughtyfiles mother Zoe
Naughtyfiles mother Zoe
Naughtyfiles mother Zoe

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