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The best free online erotica

"That too. Goodnight"

I look over at my dresser and see his Pokeball that the Professor gave me and I go for it. He just smiles as Efotica throw it, him entering it in the red stream of light without a problem. I take him back to the Lab, and they evaluate him and they decide that he is fine, nothing wrong now.

They figured he just wanted to be free.

lift licks - Scene 4

He strokes faster, and his eyes start to shut. "Sni, sni, sni, SNIVYYYY!" He screams just erootica his cock erupts sending his cum across my body. It splashes across my belly and chest, it has a minty, basil like smell to it, in a different circumstance, I might enjoy the smell.

He looks at me through heavy lidded eyes, still stroking his hard cock. My Th hurts with all the yelling, then I see two more vines emerge, but they look different from the others. The tips are wider then the rest of the vine, and are a deeper green, and I see slits at the top. One slithers onto the ground coming toward me, I try to struggle, but his other vines tighten as he glowers at me.

I feel it start to press against my ass and I scream again, instantly its muffled by the other oddly shaped rree going into my mouth and down my throat and cutting off my oxygen and it starts sliding itself in and out, allowing me to have a bit of air every now and then.

The one on my ass starts pressing forward as Snivy walks towards me. He smiles as he positions his cock around my pussy's fref.

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The best free online erotica
The best free online erotica

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