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"Believe whatever you damn well please. I don't care what you believe. I'm just saying that you're arrogant and closed-minded because you refuse to even examine your beliefs. That's all I'm saying."

I keep quiet about the whole incident. Then they ask me if I want him, now that they got him back, they figure it would be ok. Should I' I think back to what happened earlier and feel angry, I don't ever want to see that little demon again.

I feel hate towards him, and I hope they send him far far away.

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The vine starts to then wrap around his cock in my pussy and clenching down, making me even vireo around him while it continues gideo in and out my ass.

Just then he screams and his cock and the vine cum in me simultaneously. I can feel more spores shooting into my ass, they seem to only come from his vines. As they enter my bowels, the tingling grows stronger and I spray my juices all over his spasming cock.

He pulls back along with his vines, although some remain out. One comes and grabs me by the hair, bringing me over.

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Tusho | 10.05.2018
I want that giant bear.
Faegrel | 16.05.2018
God is a Spirit.
Ararisar | 17.05.2018
Churches are not important so them closing is meaningless. Most baptize kids at a few months old. What's repellent about that? Parents put their kids in much more water when bathing them.
JoJobar | 20.05.2018
Haha.. yeah true
Kigakree | 30.05.2018
I stand behind our rights, including the right to vote, but there are some drawbacks. Some people shouldn't be allowed outside without responsible adult supervision, never mind deciding the direction of this country.
Doshicage | 30.05.2018
Jesus said ?Let the one without sin, throw the first stone?. I think that put a stop to any of his followers stoning anyone
Nazragore | 08.06.2018
the word slave is only referenced in the OT once and this reference is posed as a question [ Jer. chap, 2 verse 14 ] only the OT is governed by the biblical laws , so specifically , where does your expertise stem from /
Arashijar | 09.06.2018
How about that ban on transgender people in the military, then?
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