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Ja chanterelles pantyhose foot tease

"I get quite large with old age."

"Get off me. Snivy, please let me go. Get the fuck off me!" He doesn't listen, and seems to get off to my words.

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I'm starting to feel good, and I am so ashamed of the pleasure. I don't want this happening, but my body can't help but respond to his devices. Then the one in my mouth starts pumping harder and harder and I feel it pulsing, making my throat expand momentarily each time.

Snivy smiles wickedly at me before it shoots off. Its cum goes directly down my throat, he's making sure I eat some, before pulling back and letting me taste. It tastes like it smells, but it feels different, like little seedsor spores. What is this.

As the vine pulls away and goes back into his back, I start feeling light headed as I cough and splutter now that the obstruction in my throat is gone.

My spine starts to tingle, and the farther down the sensation goes it spreads to other areas.

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Ja chanterelles pantyhose foot tease

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